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 Our Board Directors  (we are about chamber business)

As a non-profit organization there are two basic responsibilities that our board members have which are to support and to govern the chamber which both require different skills and expertise. In the role of "supporter" board members raise money, bring contacts to the organization, and act as ambassadors to the community. Equally important, the "governance" role involves protection of the public interest, being a fiduciary, selecting the executive director and assessing his/her performance, ensuring compliance with legal and tax requirements, and evaluating the organization's work.

Our mission is to educate, enhance and promote economic development in our region. In other words, we focus on helping our members grow their businesses!

The purpose of the Chamber is to help minority-owned businesses gain greater exposure and increased visibility which brings more revenue to businesses.  We can help the minority-consumer market and business community in many ways by helping them to understand the importance of commerce.

When your company joins our Chamber, you will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with well other business owners. In addition, we offer workshops and seminars throughout the year, on a variety of topics geared specifically to the growth of your bottom line. Attend a chamber event and meet some of our members. As with any quality business organization, you will get the most out of the Chamber by participating and getting involved. Then, take advantage of the wealth of resources we offer through networking and attending our workshops:

• Procurement Opportunities the more you know the more you grow

• Educational Workshops that help you to extend your knowledge

• Business Referrals inquiries needing products and services

• Business Marketing what you see is what you get…and so much more

So take the first step in your business success and register for a Chamber event today.We look forward to having you join us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Linda S. Gray

Greater Southwest Black Chamber, President/CEO

No One Succeeds Alone


A Word From Our Chairman of the Board, Jerome A. Reed (2016-2018)

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your 2016-2018 Chairman of the Board. This will mark my first year in service to the chamber. Like you, I have invested in the Chamber, not just to grow, but grow with the Best Southwest and the community.

Before we look to 2016 we should celebrate and recognize our accomplishments in 2015. The Chamber’s dedicated committees gave us another successful Chamber year. Throughout the year the Chamber will organize special events, presentations and seminars to educate, engage, and introduce participants to what is happening in the Best Southwest and throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.

I leave you with what the Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce has done for myself and my company. During my time at the Chamber I have had the privilege of meeting and getting acquainted with many different business people. Business people who have inspired me to think about our community and to discuss, evaluate, and bring change when it is needed.  The greatest advantage the Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce can offer you is the ability to do in a group what you may not be able to do alone. I hope I can inspire you to make the Best Southwest a greater place and Thank-You for time and consideration.  

2016-2018 Board of Directors

al piper, vice chairman

shanta green, board secretary

I am currently a Patient Financial Services Manager in the healthcare industry.  I feel a Board Secretary it is extremely vital to be a constant vehicle of clear and concise communication by managing and maintaining accurate records for the GSWBCC.  My vision in this role is to not only be a vehicle of communication but bring my corporate knowledge and experience to all facets of the chamber.  I'm excited to be a part of this Board of Directors!

board parlimentarian, Chris J. Burris

Experienced Graphic Design Artist , Corporate Identity Design and Brand Consulting with an emphasis on Small Business

Chris has been a board member with Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce since March 2008. His commitment and dedication to the goals of the chamber has brought him a wealth of knowledge and experience that has helped him become the entrepreneur he is today. Chris is an artist and visionary with a passion for the Kingdom of God and the local community. His objective is to use his gifts in the arts and entrepreneurial thinking to make a noticeable difference in the Southern Dallas area's quality of life. Owner at CJB Designs... Education  Dallas County Community College, Southern Methodist University

board treasurer, open


fran morgan, board director

2016-2018 Executive BoardThe Executive Board Chair is responsible for guiding the Committee Chair Leaders through its work - If you don’t act, neither does the committee! The Executive Board consist of each Committee Leader. This is one way we like to involve our chamber members by placing them on different committees that will be an added benefit to them. The role as the Executive Board Chair is to organize the work and see that it gets done - not to do it all! All Committee Leaders are included in discussions about the year’s activities. We highly encourage our Committee Leaders to attend the meetings.   Committee Leaders can log in on the website under members-only page to view monthly updates, hold "meetings" by email, conference call or get a web page status report to keep track of activities. Collectively, executive board members are responsible for the overall direction, growth and operation of the chamber. The board of directors and executive board follows the bylaws and mission of the chamber's pursuant to their responsibilities and oversight authority.  Our primary goal is to help our chamber businesses do business better. 


Executive Board Chair

Al Piper has been a professional in the insurance industry for more than 31 years. Having been an insurance adjuster for more than 25 years it has equipped him with hands on experience and insurance product knowledge in all lines of property and casualty insurance as well as life and health insurance. Therefore as an insurance agent Mr. Piper believe that educating clients about products they buy is very important. Knowing what you are buying helps you make the right decisions when it comes to protecting your assets. Mr. Piper is a great asset to the Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce.

loren a. robinson, chair veterans affairs

After retiring from the military Mr. Robinson went back to school to earn his Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Development. He worked in Human Services sector as a Transition Coordinator for at-risk youth before he was hired by Denver Water as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. After 26 years in the military and two tours in Iraq, First Sergeant Loren Robinson decided to come home for good. Sharing the same core values he learned in the Army, "the leadership, the integrity, the respect, the honor, the duty, the selfless service." Now he's helping others. He is proud to be involved with the Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce.

loujeanne guye, policy & procedure coordinator

Loujeanne Guye is the founder of Loujeanne Guye Ministries, Inc. and the administrator of LGM Family Consultants, a family empowerment program that empowers youth and adults through building self-esteem, self-sufficiency and fostering character development. A Standard Operating Procedure's tool for any organization is to be utilized in order to communicate its clearly documented processes, create consistency and manage quality control.

michelle peace, budget & finance committee

robin hodge, member services administrator

As Member Services Administrator, Robin deals directly with membership of the chamber, by soliciting new members and working with existing members. Sometimes under pressure in complex situations, researching and delivering findings to our board members which may eventually feed into future activity. Mostly his seat requires using excellent customer service skills in order to explain what the Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce can do to help you and your business.

norma andrews, legislative affairs

Norma welcomes the opportunity to work with the Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce as the Legislative Affairs Chair and in any other capacity that she can be useful.  Norma studied Political Science at the University of Texas at Arlington. While in college, she worked for the Texas Attorney General’s Office in the Child Support Division. She has worked as a substitute teacher for the DISD. Norma retired from USA Mobility Wireless after fifteen-year tenure.  At the time of retirement, she was a Quality Assurance Analyst. Norma states, she is currently reinventing herself as a self-employed independent Avon sales representative.   She plans to expand into other areas in the near future.