Here’s What a Comprehensive Paid Search Program Looks Like

Here's What a Comprehensive Paid Search Program Looks Like

Discover the main components of a comprehensive paid search program and decide which elements you should include in yours.

Example of Opteo’s awesome Google Ads reporting software!

This is a clip from episode 340 of the Paid Search Podcast where Jason and Chris walk through an example report from Opteo’s awesome Google Ads reporting software.

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Episode 340 –

Adley & Niko play RAiNBOW MONSTER FRiENDS!! new Minecraft game with Dad, a Clown, and G for Gaming!

there’s a clown in the spacestation ��


HEY EVERYBODY!! You know how we have a second channel called G for Gaming where we play fun games like Roblox and Minecraft?! Well, today is a REALLY special day because G for Gaming just hit 100 THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS!! We wanted to do something special for the boys that edit our G for Gaming videos so we wrapped up their silver play button to surprise them with it.. but when we got there, they were already having a party to surprise US!! We surprised each other! So we decided to play a new game on Minecraft to celebrate! It’s called Rainbow Monster Friends, and we have to collect all the missing popcorn, balloons, and soda cups without letting the clowns or other rainbow friends get you! We finished 1 round of the game and decided to take a snack break for energy! We went outside to get the popcorn that the G for Gaming boys had for their party but it was GONE!! Just then I saw a spooky clown run across the hallway! But it turns out that the popcorn isn’t the only thing that the clown stole.. he also took the YouTube play button! We were going to have to follow the clown and get our stuff back! We looked all over the Spacestation and found a lot of popcorn but we couldn’t find the clown or the G for Gaming play button! Finally we found the play button but it was locked in a claw machine so we had to find a key! We kept looking and we found the clown, Niko started to attack him with his sword but then the clown told us that he was actually a NICE clown and thought it would be a funny prank! Finally we got out play button back and decided to play some more Minecraft to celebrate! Thank you for helping G for Gaming get to 100K Subscribers!!

my last video – ADLEY SCiENCE with Mark Rober!! Adley’s visit to CrunchLabs & rainbow colors of elephant toothpaste

my dad’s last video – SECRET DOOR!! ADLEY and DAD visit Mark Rober! Best Day Ever learning at CrunchLabs with kid science

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Spacestation Animation –

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

How Important are Exact Match Keywords in Google Ads?

This is a portion of Paid Search Podcast episode 337 titled “Decisions You have to Make in Google Ads – Part 1”. In this clip, Jason and Chris explain the importance of exact match keywords in Google Ads.

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Paid Search Campaign Structures

There are many different types of campaign structures you can use for your Search Campaigns. In this video, we cover four of the main approaches, give their pros and cons, and discuss what we use personally.

0:52 – Example Keyword Set for the Remainder of the Video
1:17 – List of 4 Campaign Strategies in this Video
1:48 – Caveat for the Rest of the Video
2:39 – Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs): Overview, Example, Pros & Cons
5:08 – Alpha/Beta: Overview, Example, Pros & Cons
8:37 – Match Type: Overview, Example, Pros & Cons
11:04 – Consolidated/Thematic: Overview, Example, Pros & Cons
14:34 – If I Had to Suggest a Structure Strategy…

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