How To Build Rapport With Editors And Get Guest Content Published

How To Build Rapport With Editors And Get Guest Content Published

Getting your articles and other content accepted by industry publications is challenging. Learn how to build rapport with editors here.

The Simplest Way to Build Rapport with Clients | Massage Business Marketing

What is the best way to build rapport with clients? And why is building rapport SO important to the longevity of your clinic or practice?

In fact, did you know:

◻️ As of 2020, customer experience overtook product as a key driver in sales?
◻️ 90% of businesses now compete on customer experience alone?

Simply put: if there isn’t an established “experience” with a client, they won’t be committed to your business for long.

So, what does this mean for your clinic or practice? It means you need to NAIL your rapport with your clients if you want your business to thrive.

My latest YouTube video goes over the best way to build rapport with your clients. Click the link in my bio to access.

Happy watching, friends!

Mark Bentz

Building Rapport Between Butler and Guest | FIRST VIDEO EDIT EVER!


How To Build Rapport With Anyone Authentically

Learn how to build rapport with anyone to gain their respect, interact authentically, and connect in a meaningful way. Rapport building is an important skill in interpersonal communication because it enhances our social interaction.

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Build Rapport & Trust With Customers & Clients (The Simplest Way)

Simple ways to build rapport with customers & clients!
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What’s the best way to build rapport & trust with friends, colleagues, customers, clients etc?

Most people spend their lives reacting and responding to their experiences and filters of their world, rather than the situation itself.
But using this simple technique, you’ll be able to build rapport & trust with clients, family, friends much more easily.

There’s no gimmick or trick either. It’s just about listening more effectively – without interrupting.

See most people when conversing with other people in any setting, are so focused on getting what they want to say across, they trample all over the other person’s thinking.

Instead, focus on keeping your silence and not doing this. You’ll instantly be able to take your connections and rapport & trust building techniques to another level.

One thing I try to do is spend a day or a weekend maintaining silence – so that I can practice it. We’ve been trained to talk so much that we inevitably miss the little details in our conversations.

Try it out & as always, if you liked this video, give it a thumbs and post a comment below.

– Keshav

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