How to Get Your Traffic Back After a Google Rankings Drop

How to Get Your Traffic Back After a Google Rankings Drop

Sometimes your site suffers a search rankings drop almost immediately. What went wrong? How can you get back on track? Find the answers in this post.

What to do with site after Google update drop in search | how to do SEO after ranking drop

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How to Quickly Diagnose Drops in Google Rankings

Join Tyler Bishop as he reviews how to find and fix drops in Google Rankings using Google Analytics. See if you did something wrong and learn how to take the right steps to fix it.

You’ve noticed your site experienced a significant drop in Google rankings. Was it something you did? Are your pages displaying correctly? Is it a specific page or the entire website? Is the loss confined to new users or return visitors?

Everyone immediately jumps to the conclusion that they’ve been stymied by a Google algorithm update. But, the truth is that this is actually one of the rarest reasons that publishers see a decline in organic traffic.

In the video, Tyler walks you through a variety of ways to troubleshoot your website and determine why your Google rankings may have decreased by examining the following:

– landing pages
– location
– device
– new vs. returning visitors
– Search Console data

Ask yourself the following questions, and follow along with the video step-by-step to determine the answers.

1. Did I lose Google rankings on one page or many pages?
2. Did my website see a drop in rankings globally?
3. Did I only lose Google rankings on mobile?
4. Is the drop on new or returning organic visitors?
5. Is the drop confined to a specific keyword?

Intelligently investigate your website and audit your SEO. While a drop in ranking and organic traffic can be a result of many factors, knowing how to intelligently review the data available on your website’s performance should lead you to why.

If you are able to pinpoint exactly where and why you are losing traffic, it becomes easy to work backward on what you can do to fix or improve.

If you’ve been through all the steps in the video above and still are at a loss, try a deeper SEO audit.

With all of these tips together, you should be able to better explore your site, determine why there may be a drop in organic traffic from Google searches, and stay ahead of it in the future.

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How To Diagnose Major Traffic Drop In Google Search Console

Nose dive in Google Search Console? Yea me too.

I show you how to diagnose the issues, so you can get your organic traffic kicking again!

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How To Diagnose A Drop In Website Traffic (Or Losing Organic Rankings)

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��Well fear not my friends, because in this video I’ll be showing you ������ ���� ���������������� �� �������� ���� �������������� ������ �������� ������ ������ ���� ���������� ����.

A sudden drop in organic traffic can be caused by a number of things from��‍��:

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With so many possible causes, it can be difficult to know where to start to diagnose a drop in website traffic.

Well even though there’s no exact formula, ���������� ���� �� �������������� ���� ���������������������� ������ ������ ���� �������������� to pinpoint why your website traffic is decreasing, that I’ll be showing you in this video!

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