6 PPC Areas Of Focus For 2022 Success

6 PPC Areas Of Focus For 2022 Success

Learn about the paid search innovations, new platform features, and evolving privacy issues driving major changes in PPC strategy for 2022.

Focus on These 7 SEO Actions (for 2023)

Not all SEO actions are equal! Watch this video to find out what SEO actions actually matter.

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UPGRADE YOUR PPC: 5 Tips & Tricks to Up your Amazon Advertising Game

00:00 Tip 1: Defensive Campaigns – Targeting your own ASINs
01:48 Tip 2: Keyword Count – Keep it limited
03:37 Tip 3: Target liberally bid conservatively
05:03 Tip 4: Use broad match modifiers
06:35 Tip 5: Look to Google and Facebook for what is happening on Amazon in the next year

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6ppc vs 6br Norma

After years of experimentation we finally have an answer.

Special thanks to Mike Sharpe. He has supported this channel for a very long time and asked if we could do a comparison. Thanks Mike!

The results are undeniable and have been fact checked for accuracy.

Sako 6PPC Bench Rest Rifle

Sako 6PPC Bench Rest Rifle

These rifles are beautiful. They are however not on the same level as a modern, fully designed bench rest rifle.

The stock does not track as well as more modern bench rest rifles so I made a bag rider.

The video has a bit of humor, some shooting history and a little of what I do to keep busy.
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