Avoid These 7 Easy But Stupid SEO Tactics

Avoid These 7 Easy But Stupid SEO Tactics

Some recommendations are so off-base they can actually hurt your long-term SEO performance. Here are seven stupid SEO tactics to stay away from.

The SEO Vault Episode 126 – Weekly SEO News, SEO Tips & Live Q&A

The SEO Vault Episode 126 – Weekly SEO News, SEO Tips & Live Q &A

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My First Job

James’s video about working at Subway (sooubway?) inspired me to talk about my first job in retail. Hope you enjoy!

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Dumb SEO Questions 272.

We put dumb seo questions to some of the world’s leading SEO practitioners.
We meet every Thursday to answer the SEO Questions asked on the SEO Questions community on G+. You are welcome to post your own questions and/or join our DSQ Panel to discuss your issue live on air.

You can find the SEO Questions community here: https://plus.google.com/communities/110526883334667803217?

Cuetimes below. Read more and comment on individual questions at http://dumbseoquestions.com/seo_dumb_seo_questions_272

https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=130 = Interlinking Question
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=395 = Is this considered a re-direct chain?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=561 = Does .com rank better than the rest?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=672 = Whats the strategy for google maps embed in a website for local SEO?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=777 = How to get SEO certificate from Google?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=830 = What are the latest link prospect strategy?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=1002 = Does Google favor blog posts over pages?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=1204 = 1 website, 5 locations
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=1384 = Setting `Expired By`
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=1529 = Canonical pointing to the home page on every page
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=1794 = I have a few questions about the way of optimize a online store page
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=2419 = What is the best way to move these over to the new site?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=2926 = Are two sites better than one?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=3037 = HTTP and HTTPS
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=3376 = Bing vs Google
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=3491 = Is this still recommended for an html sitemap?
https://youtu.be/OFZS3ElTbdQ?t=3733 = NEWS: How Google Treats Subdomains vs Subdirectories
Weekly SEO News Roundup

See more of the questions and answers which began these conversations at:

Peak Ace on Air Eps. 9: Hands-on SEO advice: 10 tips for boosting your e-commerce business

Peak Ace on Air – Episode 09


00:00:23 – Intro
00:09:22 – Google Blog and Recap Episode 7
00:13:26 – Hands-on SEO advice
00:17:19 – #1 Handling multiple versions of a product
00:20:49 – #2 One product, but reachable via multiple categories
00:23:12 – #3 Brand filter vs. branded category
00:24:45 – #4 Facetted navigation, sorting & filtering
00:29:40 – #5 Expired/ (temp.) out of stock product management
00:32:32 – #6 Indexation strategy
00:38:14 – #7 Content Quality
00:41:41 – #8 Structured Data
00:43:32 – #9 Searchability
00:45:00 – #10 Accelerated mobile pages for e-commerce
00:48:40 – Questions and Discussion
00:59:23 – Outro

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