When To Use Rel Canonical Or Noindex …Or Both

When To Use Rel Canonical Or Noindex …Or Both

Google's John Mueller explained how to choose between rel canonical and noindex and suggested that using both can be useful

Best SEO Practices for Canonical URLS! How and When to Use Rel=Canonical Tag?

This video is About SEO Best practices for Canonical URLS and how To use Canonical tag?
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0:00 Intro
1:43 What is Canonical Tags?
3:02 What are The reasons of Canonicalization?
3:47 Example of E-commerce Store Canonical Url’s
4:49 Duplicate Content Effects
5:28 Examples of Canonical Urls
7:22 How canonical tag Works in Cross Domain?
8:01 4 popular Ways to canonicalize
8:07 Using rel=”canonical” link tag
8:32 301 redirect Canonical url
8:54 Passive Parameters in Google search console
9:23 use location Hashes avoid Canonical issues
10:05 Non recommended Ways
10:12 Block or Non index page
11:06 Block From Meta Robots
10:37 Avoid using 302, 307 and All 30x redirects
11:56 canonical url tag instead of 404 Not Found
12:51 When to canonicalize URL
13:14 Same search intent canonical tag for seo
14:10 Expiring Content
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This Video Clear your concepts regarding what is canonical tag, How to use canonical url tag, canonical tag for seo importance, issues of Canonicalization, Methods to Fix canonical url and not recommended ways to canonicalize urls and in which cases you have to use canonical tag by Asbar Ali.

What is a Canonical URL in SEO | Use of Canonical Tag in SEO | URL Canonicalization

What is a canonical URL? What is canonical tag? What is canonical URL in SEO? You must be struggling with these questions. Well, this video helps you understand and give you an overview of what is url canonicalization.

Tools I recommend for SEO optimization,
1. SEMrush, http://bit.ly/semrush-dis
2. Serpstat, https://bit.ly/serp-dis

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After watching this video, you’ll be able to answer,
– What is a Canonical URL in SEO
– What is canonical tag in SEO
– What is rel canonical
– What does canonical mean in SEO
– What is the use of canonical tag
– What is canonical page
– What does canonical mean in SEO
– What is canonical URL

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Canonicalization: SEO Mythbusting

In this episode of SEO Mythbusting season 2, Martin Splitt (Developer Advocate, Google) and Rachel Costello (Technical SEO Consultant, Builtvisible, at the time of recording Technical SEO & Content Manager, DeepCrawl) discuss the most common SEO questions and myths around canonicalization.

Specific timestamped topics discussed in this episode:
Canonicalization is not a topical grouping (0:00)
The most common canonicalization myths (1:29)
Is canonicalization a directive or a signal for Google Search? (2:01)
Should canonicalization be used as a redirect? (3:08)
What are the actual factors for duplication and deduplication? (4:25)
Site’s preference for the canonical URL vs user’s preference (7:33)
Canonicalization vs unique content on pages with a canonical tag (08:59)

Documentation mentioned in this episode:
Learn more about canonicalization → https://goo.gle/2DX7OjI
Canonical URLS: How does Google pick the one? (video) → https://youtu.be/8j_hxBw5B4E

Watch more SEO Mythbusting episodes →
Subscribe to Google Search Central → https://goo.gle/SearchCentral

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Canonical tag – What is it, and when would you use it?

The canonical tag. What is it? When would you use it and when would you not use it? Does google always honour the canonical tag?

Lily Ray explains, what a canonical tag is used for. The page referred to by the canonical tag would be the one that would be indexed. if the pages are not considered similar and the canonical tag is used, it might be ignored. Information is available in search console. The URL inspection report can also help.

More information on the canonical tag and how to use it can be found here.

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